Yoga Workshops & Retreats

Anatomical Bodies Workshop

In this three-part workshop series, we will explore, in detail, the anatomy and function of the hands and feet (date), the hips and pelvis(date), and the neck and shoulders(date). The series is designed to teach functional movements that promote lifetime mobility and comfort. We would all like to be able to practice yoga (and swim, and get up from the ground, and walk long distances) when we are 80. Our goal is to learn about our individual anatomies and movements that feel good in our own bodies, for today and for tomorrow.

Each class will combine discussion and accessible movement, and work in partners. Registration is available for individual workshops as well as a series of three.

Pelvic Health for All Ages

In this two-part workshop series, we will explore pelvic floor health and function. This class is for womxn who are interested in gaining comfort and strength in their hips, low back, and pelvic floor. The format will be part discussion and part movement, where we will discuss and practice simple and accessible ways to take charge of your own pelvic health. Some topics we will cover include incontinence and pelvic leaking, vaginal weakness, painful sex, dry vaginal walls, and numbness or lack of sensation. This class is open to womxn of all ages and will have specific content for immediate postpartum (first five years following childbirth) as well as later postpartum, perimenopausal and postmenopausal bodies. This is the sex-ed that you never got. Come to learn and explore.

Please Note: This workshop will discuss intimate and personal content in a group sharing setting. This type of sharing is not easy. If you have any concerns, please reach out to me individually prior to the workshop.

Yoga Retreats

All the teaching, anatomy, laughter, and dharma discussion that you love, just more of it.

Come step into the practice for an immersive retreat of asana, qi gong, meditation, and dialogue. The company is always unparalleled. The food is always delicious and nourishing.

Our daily schedule includes morning meditations, delicious breakfast, a three-hour morning practice, a communal lunch, spacious afternoons, restorative practice, dinner and evenings that are both deep and fun.

Next Retreat: Fall 2021 (details and exact location coming soon!)