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Dynamic. Intelligent. Unexpected. Satisfying.

You love your yoga practice but practicing to videos at home really sucks.

These classes are different. Inspired by Iyengar Yoga, infused with Functional Patterns, grounded in intuitive movement, adapted for home practice. Emerge feeling comfortable and satisfied, like you just got some whole-body nutrition.

Ten videos, classes range in length from 20 to 75 minutes. ❤️

Activate the Back Body!

Breathing for Health: Movement to support our respiratory system

Patient, Strong, Satisfying ✨Core and functional twist

Wiser Sun A's, Smarter Fascial Connections

Yogi Snacks

Strong Back, Strong Bum, Strong Breath

Prenatal Yoga

Walk better! Activating the trunk and glutes

Fun and Function: Smart squats, unique patterns

The Pelvis and the Low Back are Best Friends