Pelvic Health

Vibrant health begins with the pelvis.

Pelvic health consultations support people in becoming experts in their own bodies and their own health. 

Our pelvic health and function dictate the way we walk, sit, stand, exercise, eliminate, have sex, give birth and countless other life activities. Healthy pelvic habits are the cornerstone of functional movement, bowel and bladder health, pleasurable sex, and lifetime mobility.

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Is a pelvic health consultaion for me?

  • Low-back pain or hip pain?
  • Vaginal discomfort or recurrent infections?
  • Persistent UTIs or bladder incontinence?
  • Painful or not pleasurable sex?

These are just some of the topics we address in individual pelvic health consultations.

In our pelvic healh consultations, we use a four-fold approach.

  • 1 Symptom logging and observation - getting really clear on exactly what you are experiening and when, context, and what might already be helping
  • 2 Postural analysis and adjustments - ways of moving, sitting, standing that support longterm abdominal, lowback, and pelvic floor funciton
  • 3 Targeted pelvic floor conditioning - letting go of kegels and learning the intelligent and integrated to both strengthen and soften pelvic tissues
  • 4 Holistic vaginal care tecniques - effective tecniques and simple herbal and home remedies for lifetime vaginal health

You have the power to heal. Your body is intelligent and amazing. I am here to support you. 

Sessions are 45-minutes long, offered virtually or in-person. New client three-session package - $195


You do not need to be female-identified to access this service! Pelvic heath consultations can be beneficial for all people with vaginas.

Lower-income folx are also less likely to access live-giving health support. If pelvic health services seem helpful but are cost-prohibitive, please reach out and we will work together to find a solution.