Adelaide Gross

About Adelaide

Adelaide Gross, founder of small magic birth and small magic somatics. She has been a yoga and movement teacher for ten years and has an intuitive and evolving knowledge of the body. With a background in anatomy and physiology, she brings an insightful and playful approach to yoga, functional movement, pain relief, and childbearing.

Adelaide lives in a little old house on the North Shore of Boston, with her radical partner and magical dogs, Bunny and Kitten. In addition to her work with the body and authentic midwifery, her interests include perennial gardening, dogs, and spiritual and occult practices from around the world.

From a very young age, I was aware of the energetic and unspoken connectivity that I saw in animals and nature. It wasn’t until I found yoga in my late teens that I discovered that I too, was connected to these same energetic and unspoken forces. I loved the physical yoga practice from the first time I tried it at the age of 18.

A severe accident sidelined me in my early 20’s, leaving me recovering from a broken hip, pelvis, neck, ribs and shoulder blade. I also suffered a brain injury. I spent several years in rehabilitation, relearning how to read and write, to speak clearly, and to walk without a limp. These years in the hospital were my first step towards my healing. My deeper healing came from deeper practices. Yoga helped my body heal. Meditation helped my brain.

Injuries are teachers.

Rehab taught me to walk (so helpful!!), but I wanted to learn to dance, wiggle, run, have sex, do yoga, etc. Having to take responsibility for my own health brought me to the study of anatomy and physiology, specifically the form and function of the female hips and pelvis. In the years following my accident, I completed my first 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. In the years since, I’ve completed more than 20 other workshops and trainings, and began leading my own. My own body remains my constant teacher and allows me to better understand my students and the challenges they face.

Note: My primary teacher is Annie Hoffman. I have studied extensively with Thomas Droge, Kevin Courtney, and Georgia Wreath. I completed my 200-Hour with the Boston Yoga School, under the tutelage Ame Wren. > See my current yoga teaching schedule.

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