Movement is our first language.

Hey Friends⚡️

Adelaide here, founder of Small Magic Movement.

I'm an Iyengar inspired yoga teacher, functional movement practitioner, weight trainer, somatic healer, and bodyworker. I offer sustainable, lifelong movement instruction that supports our body's innate intelligence. 

I believe that we learn, heal, and grow through movement. 

Whether you're looking for functional and practical yoga class, a community and health building offering for your company, or personalized coaching for healing your own body through movement...

You're on your way. I'm here to support you.

Public and individual classes, grounded in functional movement, breathwork, and community.

Movement increases productivity and creativity. Serve your employees, serve your bottom line.

Deepen your study. Engage in the community. Learn through doing. Place-based and virtual offerings. 

Movement is the language that you share with your baby. Move with power, birth with power.

Postpartum is sacred integration. Heal your body. Connect with sisters. Babes welcomes.

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High-quality, engaging, and effective. Video classes for all levels of movers.

Place-based and virtual offerings are available for all services.

"I’ve been a student of yoga for a couple of decades and Adelaide’s classes are unique. Her classes provide solid yoga instruction, usually incorporating various yogic disciplines and philosophies, always complemented by Adelaide’s strong and clear knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and dance (not to mention great taste in music), and infused with a deep sense of community. I’ve learned more than yoga in Adelaide’s classes—I’ve learned how to carry and use my body with reverence, strength, and mindfulness. What I’ve been able to take away from Addie’s classes has enhanced my practice and, more importantly, it’s had a positive change on the way I move through all of my hours off the mat." 

- Lisa O.

"Adelaide is a teacher of teachers. She has a sense of wonderment about the body and about learning. She is inquisitive and a sponge for knowledge… I have watched her put into practice complex concepts and teachings, delivering them to her students in a palatable, precise and supportive way. Her disarming presence makes students feel welcome, seen, and comfortable."

- Caroline P. ~ yoga studio owner

"I came to corporate yoga as an unlikely participant, with no prior experience, not much strength or flexibility, and mild skepticism about the spiritual aspects of yoga. Adelaide has made me a convert. She is very knowledgeable, motivating, and supportive; she creates a positive, open space for learning. I look forward to classes and enjoy pushing myself in ways I don't during the typical workday, both mentally and physically. The convenience of corporate yoga can't be beat, and I consistently find that classes with Adelaide leave me feeling energized and glad I participated!"

- Barry T.